Pneumatic Twin-Row Planter

This planter, which is a unique initiative of Tarashkadeh Company, is able to plant two rows of seeds in a zigzag pattern on one ridge. The advantages of using this planter are:

  • Increase field yield by 30% or more compared to conventional rower.
  • Maximum savings in water consumption.
  • Suitable for saline lands.

The transverse distance between the seeds on the ridge is fixed and 20 cm, but the longitudinal distance between the seeds is adjustable. The twin pneumatic planter sows two rows of seeds and fertilizes them simultaneously.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

4-Row Type

6-Row Type

Seed Hopper Capacity

25 lit

25 lit

Required Power

60 hp

80 hp


540 rpm

540 rpm

Fertilizer Hopper Capacity

300 lit

450 lit

Weight (with fertilizer distributor)

800 kg

1000 kg