Automatic Drip Tape Laying Equipment for Planter

By installing this equipment on your planters, automatic drip laying simultaneous seed planting is available.



  • Cost saving and water consumption.
  • Absence of surface runoff and prevent soil erosion.
  • Adjust the amount of water needed for a variety of soils and farming cultures in different seasons.
  • Ventilated soil and water distribution uniformity in the farm and non-farm drainage needs.
  • Increasing the yield per unit area compared to traditional irrigation.
  • Prevent soil crusting.
  • To minimize surface evaporation.
  • Reduce weed growth on the farm due to lack of irrigation farm.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

12-Row Type

16-Row Type




12Planting line



Ridge width

50 cm

50 cm

Furrow width

25 cm

25 cm

Seed Hopper Capacity

280 lit

385 lit

Fertilizer Hopper Capacity

300 lit

400 lit

Required Power

100 hp

110 hp


1000 kg

1200 kg