Pneumatic Planter with Fertilizer Distributor for Small Seeds

This planter is suitable for simultaneous operation of planting and fertilizing for different crops like sugar beet, tomato and other row-crop small seeds. This machine is produced in four-row and six-row planter and all distances between planting rows are adjustable. The minimum and maximum distances between furrows are 30cm and 75cm. The adjusting of seeds distances on the rows is performed by central gearbox. MINIMAX as a seed metering mechanism adjusts the fertilizer flow.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

4-Row Type

6-Row Type

Seed Hopper Capacity

25 lit

25 lit

Fertilizer Hopper Capacity

300 lit

450 lit

Required Power

50-60 hp

70-80 hp


540 rpm

540 rpm

MIN Distance of Rows

30 cm

30 cm

MAX Distance of Rows

75 cm

75 cm


940 kg

1160 kg