Furrower with Fertilizer Distributor (PTO Driven)

This machine is suitable for fertilizing maize, soya, sunflower and the other row-crop plantings. The fertilizer flow is between 50 to 1500 kg/hectare and MINIMAX as fertilizer metering mechanism performs adjusting of the fertilizer flow. This machine is manufactured in two types of four-row and six-row. The distances between furrows are adjustable. This machine has specific furrow openers in order to be used in different conditions. The fertilizer metering device is driven by PTO shaft of tractor. The PTO lever position should be set on … so the rate of fertilizer relevant with forward speed.

Technical specifications

Technical Specification

4-Row Type

6-Row Type

Fertilizer Hopper Capacity

300 lit

450 lit

Required Power

45 hp

60 hp

Width of Machine

325 cm

475 cm


285 kg

335 kg