No Tillage Pneumatic Planter

This planter is suitable for planting in farms which the soil is left undisturbed from harvest to planting. At the time of planting a narrow strip as wide as space between planted rows is engaged by specially equipped planter units.

The strips may involve only residue disturbance or include soil disturbance.

The planter units of this planter equipped with row cleaner, in-row chisel and coulter.

By using this planter, usage of tillage equipment and machines is eliminated for preparing farm after harvesting and before planting.

The benefits of Tarashkadeh no-tillage planter:

  • Soil erosion lessens.
  • Water conservation and infiltration and soil holding capacity increase.
  • Improve soil quality.
  • Evaporation of water lessens.
  • Reduction of soil compaction.
  • Reduction of amount of power needed from farm tractor.
  • Reduction of cost because of eliminating primary tillage equipment usage.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

4-Row Type

6-Row Type

Seed Hopper Capacity

25 lit

25 lit

Fertilizer Hopper Capacity

300 lit

450 lit

Required Power

50-60 hp

70-80 hp


540 rpm

540 rpm


300 cm

450 cm

Forward speed

6-9 km/hr

6-9 km/hr


990 kg

1235 kg